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At James Rudd Mortgage Services we want to get involved with your purchase or remortgage as soon as possible. That way we can advise you right through the process and ensure there are no surprises.

  • Explanation of our services and how we can help you

One of the first things we will do is explain to you how we can help you, and a little about ourselves.

  • How much you can borrow

It is important to know that you are looking in the correct price range so working out not just how much you can borrow but how much you can afford to pay back is vitally important

  • Explanation of mortgage costs

In addition to your deposit, you will need to budget for solicitors costs, stamp duty and survey costs. We will explain what you need to pay for and more importantly when you need to pay for it to help with budgeting

  • Explanation of mortgage schemes

We will give you a detailed explanation of the different mortgage schemes and interest rate options that are available. We will provide you with a booklet explaining all of this for you to refer back to

  • Mortgage repayment options

We will look at the different ways of paying off your mortgage and which one is most suitable for your situation

  • Complete a detailed budget planner

Lenders are placing more emphasis on affordability these days and most lender applications require some element of a budget planner to be completed.

This is a useful exercise as it allows both you and a potential lender see that your ‘lifestyle’ can afford this mortgage

  • How much you can borrow

It is important to know that you are looking in the correct price range so working out not just how much you can borrow but how much you can afford to pay back is vitally important

  • How to protect your home and your family

Our job is to help you buy the house but also make sure that you stay in it if your situation changes. After having assessed your needs and priorities we will present recommendations only for the areas that you are worried, not that we think you should be worried about

  • Property search and viewings

James Rudd is an estate agency experienced mortgage broker and as such will actively work for you on your behalf as an agent of the buyer. He will help you arrange viewings, and negotiate on your behalf. If you don’t want to deal with the estate agents when offering you can give him authority to put your offers forward and negotiate for you. There is a mass of information and intelligence on the market locally that he has access to which enables him to ensure you hear about properties early, and offer the right price to tie up a deal

  • Negotiating the price

Our advisors will help you establish what is the right price for the property you are trying to buy. Sometimes that is the asking price, sometimes it is significantly below. Either way we will ensure you pay the right price for the house you wish to buy

  • Agreeing the mortgage in principal

Before a full mortgage application is submitted we will agree the mortgage in principal with the lender and establish the full details they will require upon application. Your income and expenditure will be established and verified by this point and as such we can be confident that when we are applying for the mortgage we are in the strongest position possible

  • Completing the paper work & instructing solicitors

We will agree the product we are applying for, and the full application secures this deal once the application is offered.

Your mortgage application is put to the lender and any fees are due at this point. They could be valuation fees, or search fees to our panel solicitors. [We will shop around for the best deal for you, not place you with the solicitors that pay us the most with inflated costs to cover that commission].

We will help you with all the paperwork throughout the process whether that be mortgage paperwork, or solicitors

  • Arrange the survey and valuation

The mortgage lender will require at least a mortgage valuation to be conducted. This is for their purposes and the report is basic; typically only one or two pages long.

Other option include a homebuyers survey, a condition report, or a full buildings survey. Each of these will be at a further cost to the mortgage valuation and we can guide you to which will be most suitable for you

  • Review the mortgage offer and finalise the legal work

Once the mortgage is offered we will meet up and review the offer to ensure it is accurate. We will also ensure that any insurance and protection products we have agreed are needed are ready to go in force before exchange of contracts.

  • Exchange of contracts

This is the point at which all parties are legally obliged to either buy or sell the property. Completion dates are agreed and set in stone at this point.

  • Completion

This is moving day! Congratulations…