Helpful Hints

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  • Being on the voters roll can have a massive impact on your credit score so it is vital to make sure  that you are on it.


  • Making sure all your bank and financial records are registered to the same address. 


  • Many people move home and in these days of online banking, forget to change the address with their bank.  This can cause issues when applying for a mortgage because the lenders may pick you up a 2 or more different address which can lower the credit score. Make sure you are on the voters roll at the address where everything is registered.


  • Good bank account conduct is vital these days as lenders place more emphasis on affordability. It is vital to make sure that your account is conducted within the limits of the account. Overdrafts can cause a problem especially for high LTV mortgages as there are lenders that will automatically decline customers who are constantly overdrawn.


  • Missed and late payments on credit cards and loans will certainly make things much harder. There are mainstream lenders that will ignore mobile and telecommunication late payments but once bigger commitments are missed, it will cause issues that can be resolved but generally by using more specialist lenders. Luckily there is a lot more activity in this market than there was 5 years ago so even client with unsatisfied CCJs and defaults can sometimes be placed with a lender.